How to overcome working mom’s guilt

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As a working mom I’m sure you’ve felt that pang of guilt when sitting at the office while you leave your children in someone else’s care. As a working mom who needs to work, who feels energized by working, who loves what they do, and who also loves raising their children – working mom’s guilt, is an obstacle.

What example would you like to set for your children?

When I speak to working moms and I ask what the example is that they'd like to set for their children, I want them to really think about it. Do they want to set the example that a woman can only do one thing at a time? Do they want their children to think that women must choose between raising children or building a career - and only when the children have left the nest, a woman may work again? Or, would they rather set the example that women can do and have it all?

This working mom’s guilt we feel, cripples us. It takes away focus from what we want to and can achieve. It takes our power away.

Have you given your power away?

Whenever we're feeling guilt or carrying around a lot of guilt, we give our power away. As women and working moms we have to question why we are feeling this guilt. Try to understand where it's coming from.

Ask yourself this, if you don't live a life where all your passions are present, can you really be the best mum you could ever be? And the answer will always be a resounding NO!

Give yourself more credit as a working mom – because not all of us will be happy without work to balance and challenge us.

Overcome your working mom’s guilt, take back your power!

Understand your greatest drivers for happiness and then make sure you fill your life with all of those drivers. A happy mom, at home and at work, will be a greater gift to her children than an at-home mom yearning to be at work.

I want to leave you with this affirmation:
I am a woman.
I can be a mom.
I can have a career.
And I can have both.

Usha Maharaj

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