Work/Life Balance: Struggling to find time for work and your studies?

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Work/Life Balance Hacks - Trying to fit in your studies while working is no easy feat.

In this video I will give you some of my Top Tips and discuss some of the hacks you can apply to find more time for your studies and to feel more work/life balance.

You are drawn to discover how your habits may be affecting your time and the steps you can take to create more balance and find more time for your studies.

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Every time we shift focus and move our minds to something else we loose valuable time.
Stay focussed on the task at hand.

Usha Maharaj

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About the author:

Usha Maharaj CA(SA) is an Executive and Leadership Coach in South Africa who went from small town trainee accountant to Director in a Big-4 audit firm. Her 16+ year corporate career had all of the highs and lows of a high performing workplace where she shattered setbacks, crushed challenges and conquered fears to enjoy a highly successful career. She now inspires ambitious individuals and executives to reach their own highest level of influence in corporate South Africa.
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