Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome

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Did you know that imposter syndrome can severely impact career progression and cause negativity at work?

Isn't it time to leave behind the imposter syndrome feelings of "I'm not good enough" and "I don't deserve this" and step up into all you were meant to be?

I help women shed these shackles and free themselves up to step into their most confident, most powerful selves, ready to take up all of the opportunities that await them.

In the decades that have passed and despite all of the attention given to women empowerment, women are still under-represented in board rooms. They still earn less than their male counterparts and still lack the levels of confidence and self-belief to make the tough decisions, have the challenging conversations and navigate to real success in the workplace.

This can lead to many female employees suffering from Imposter Syndrome when they finally do reach positions of power and influence. They often develop doubts about their accomplishments or talents and feel fear of being exposed as a "fraud".

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I am a qualified brain-based coach and have vast experience in the corporate world, from my own life journey and from the knowledge amassed through my thirst for learning and self development. I utilise a blended coaching/mentorship approach in my work in order to give my clients the opportunity to grow and develop while having the benefit of learning from my accumulated knowledge and experience.

This approach works for my clients while allowing me the space to bring my natural creativity and passion into my coaching / mentorship work.

Getting rid of the Imposter Syndrome

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As a women you must never be afraid to step into leadership positions and positions of power and influence.
Usha Maharaj

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About the author:

Usha Maharaj CA(SA) is an Executive and Leadership Coach in South Africa who went from small town trainee accountant to Director in a Big-4 audit firm. Her 16+ year corporate career had all of the highs and lows of a high performing workplace where she shattered setbacks, crushed challenges and conquered fears to enjoy a highly successful career. She now inspires ambitious individuals and executives to reach their own highest level of influence in corporate South Africa.
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