Feeling unheard or overlooked at work

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Feeling unheard or overlooked at work can be incredibly frustrating as well as career limiting.

It is important to figure out possible reasons that you could be unheard and overlooked at work.

In this video, we explore 3 areas to consider that require a bit of inner reflection.

Why is your voice not being heard?

The 3 factors are all inward looking considerations. The ones that we have to answer for ourselves before we can start looking outward.

  1. Knowledge, skills and expertise: Are you staying up to date, are you bringing your A-game?
  2. Personal presence: Are you showing up in a manner that commands respect and attention?
  3. Communication: Are you utilising your voice in the right manner at the right time?

I explore these factors  and how they may be impacting you, more in detail in the video. If they resonate with you, then it is important to set yourself some actions to step out from them.

There are factors which we have control over that could be impacting us feeling unheard and overlooked at work.
Usha Maharaj

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About the author:

Usha Maharaj CA(SA) is an Executive and Leadership Coach in South Africa who went from small town trainee accountant to Director in a Big-4 audit firm. Her 16+ year corporate career had all of the highs and lows of a high performing workplace where she shattered setbacks, crushed challenges and conquered fears to enjoy a highly successful career. She now inspires ambitious individuals and executives to reach their own highest level of influence in corporate South Africa.
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