Becoming Michelle Obama

Becoming Michelle Obama

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Becoming by Michelle Obama is read by the author and provides behind the scenes stories that helps one to see that even the most glamorous, sturdy, inspiring people have a story to tell. A story no different in the trials and tribulations, in the problems and pain experienced by you, me and every person we know.

The difference, however, lay in how they reacted and responded to those trials, tribulations, problems and pain and within these responses lay formulae for success and achievement, there for the picking to those who see through the story to the transformational lessons being shared.

Becoming is a journey. One that starts in a modest kitchen in Iowa and travels through the ballrooms of Buckingham Palace. It is a story of the chase for professional success and the passion and purpose that follows as Michelle Obama stepped into the influential leader she was meant to be.

A journey no different to that followed by so many who enter the workplace hungry for success, who chase that success and achieve the accolades and badges from their workplace, but who stop… stop before stepping into their real destiny, finding their true purpose and going from leader to influencer.

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