Part 3: STEP INTO YOUR POWER AND UNLEASH YOUR SUCCESS – Breathe life into your dreams

Window shutters up, tray tables stowed, seats in an upright position. The airplane taxis to the end of the runway, turns around and readies for take-off. The engines gather up all of their power. Everything done on the aircraft at that specific moment is focused on one goal, and one goal alone, to take-off safely. You can feel the focus, the roar of the engine and the power of the aircraft. The definiteness of purpose at take-off is so obvious, so marvelous and so inspiring. For many, the best part of any flight is the take-off!

You may have heard the saying, where focus goes energy flows. This is exactly what happens on take-off and this is exactly what will happen when you get really focused on your goals. Your energy will flow, your goals will be powered and you will take flight and soar into your best life.

Setting goals is exhilarating because goals are a window to all of the exciting things you will one day do, experience and achieve. It’s a glance at your powerful potential, the individual that you were really meant to be. The life that you should be living, the career of your dreams, the financial status, relationships, holidays and travel you should be enjoying could all be yours if you know how to breathe life into your dreams.

The problem, however, is that dreams remain just that for the many who don’t know how to convert those sensational thoughts into reality. If you have dreams worth converting into reality and if you are really serious about breathing life into your dreams, then you need the TPA Goal Achievement Program to power up your dreams.

The TPA Goal Achievement Program, summarised below, has three parts (Think – Plan – Act) that are designed to take your dreams from fleeting thoughts to a tangible reality. This Program will show you how to bring the quote “If you can dream it, you can achieve it” [Walt Disney] to life and it all starts with a thought.

Think – Everything you have ever achieved was born with a thought. It is impossible to do anything without first thinking about it. The problem is most people spend their time thinking about what they don’t want, and then wonder why those things keep appearing in their lives. Starting right now, make a pact to yourself to think only about what you do want in life and dismiss any negative or self-limiting thoughts that pop into your mind. Think through every key area of your life; Family, Spiritual, Social, Wealth, Career, Health, Intellectual and Rest & Relaxation; and list your goals and dreams in each of these areas. You can’t get what you want if you don’t know what you want; so get as clear as possible about your dreams. You could use visualization techniques to help gain absolute clarity.

Sort your list into short, medium and long-term goals and start your planning at short term and then move into medium and then long-term goals. Try to work on between 3 to 5 goals at a time to keep yourself motivated and prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed.

Plan – Thoughts only become reality if they are followed by massive, persistent action. And in order to take action, you need to know what actions will support and lead to the achievement of your goals. Actions not aligned to a definite purpose are a waste of energy and potential.

To start your planning, take your top 3 to 5 goals and list them each on a separate piece of paper. The secret to this stage is getting down as much detail as possible. The more detailed your steps, the greater your chances of successfully achieving your goal. Follow this process for each of your goals:

  • List the major steps or strategies for achieving your goal.
  • For each strategy, list in great detail the action steps required for completing that strategy.
  • For each action, list the resources you will need to complete the action step.
  • Finally, allocate a deadline for achieving each step.

Repeat this process for each of your goals. You have now created a detailed plan of action to bring your dreams to life, and you’re ready to take focused action.

Act – With a detailed plan of action for every goal all that is needed is massive, persistent action. Every morning write out your goals and read them out loud. This should be done every day, irrespective of the fact that you know your goals. This process imprints your goals into your subconscious mind, and without you even thinking about it, you will make decisions and take steps toward your goals every day.

At the start of each week, transfer the actions for the week into your diary or calendar. Each morning review the actions for the day and at the end of each day reflect and review on completion of each action step. If, for whatever reason, you do not complete your actions for the day, then note what prevented you from completing that step and what you will need in order to complete that step the next day. Is there something you needed to have done differently? Do you need to ask someone for help on this action? What would enable you to achieve the action the following day? Clarity is always important, so get clear on any reasons that prevented you from completing the action and put a plan in place to overcome the issue. Don’t be too hard on yourself, but at the same time, stay disciplined and keep your big, inspiring goals in mind to keep you motivated through all of your action steps.

At the end of each week, review your progress against your detailed action plan and acknowledge yourself for the effort you are putting into achieving your dreams.

By implementing the TPA Goal Achievement Program and following these daily disciplines, you are guaranteed to achieve more goals in a short period of time than you ever could without this focus and attention. Visualize, get excited, visualize, stay excited and keep moving toward your goals. Build up your energy and drive so your dreams may take flight like a Boeing 747 and you may soar into the magnificent life you were destined for.