Usha Maharaj Motivational Quote #7 - It's not about finding your voice, it's about giving yourself permission to use your voice.

Motivational Quote #7

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It's not about finding your voice, it's about giving yourself permission to use your voice.

Kris Carr

One of the reasons women are not achieving the growth and levels of success in the workplace as compared to men is because so many women don't use their voice.

Your voice matters. If you are an ambitious, career-driven woman who is struggling to use her voice in the workplace then get help to do so now.

Usha Maharaj

Your thoughts, ideas and opinions matter. In fact, those thoughts, ideas and opinions may be exactly what is needed to solve problems and move businesses forward.

Your voice matters

Your voice matters.... a lot. It's time to learn how to use your voice to for the things that matter to you.

If you want to live a life of impact and influence, you have to get comfortable with sharing your thoughts and ideas.

If you are looking for professional success, using your words is a non-negotiable. No matter how scary or daunting it may seem right now, with the right guidance and support, you will be doing it confidently in no time. Work with a Coach or Mentor to help you find the confidence to share your thoughts and ideas and to use your voice to create the impact and influence you were meant for.

I help my clients through coaching and mentoring and one of the core facets of my group coaching programs is supporting you in using your voice. 

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