Usha Maharaj Motivational Quote #10

Motivational Quote #10

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Plan for the expected; be flexible with the unexpected.

Usha Maharaj
In order to succeed in life, manage stress, fail forward, achieve your goals and, to live your best life, you need to get comfortable with dealing with the unexpected.

Being able to deal with the unexpected calls for a flexible mindset, flexible thinking and flexible actions.

Holding on to what you hoped and planned for while ignoring all of the change that is happening around you will only serve to slow you down, distract you and  keep you from all you could become.

Yes, it is vital to plan and even more so to act against that plan, but it is equally important to spot the unexpected curveballs and be flexible in how you respond to them.

Being successful in life comes from planning, taking action and being flexible and agile to the changes going on all around us.

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You can never plan for the unexpected, but you can plan how you will handle it.

Being able to control emotive responses, to feel the fear and take action anyway or to convert limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs takes self awareness, determination and behavioural change.


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Usha Maharaj CA(SA) is an Executive and Leadership Coach in South Africa who went from small town trainee accountant to Director in a Big-4 audit firm. Her 16+ year corporate career had all of the highs and lows of a high performing workplace where she shattered setbacks, crushed challenges and conquered fears to enjoy a highly successful career. She now inspires women, ambitious individuals and executives to reach their own highest levels of success while living a balanced and happy life.
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