Team Meraki caught up with Kershne Rayappen, a qualified CA(SA) and Financial Manager in an advertising company, to talk to her about her Leadership Evolution Masterclass Series (LEMS) experience and how it impacted all areas of her life… for the good!


If you look at what you have in life, you'll always have more. If you look at what you don't have in life, you'll never have enough.



Looking at Kershne now, you would never guess that she struggled her entire life with self-confidence. As a detail-oriented person, she found it easy to get stuck into the analysis and technical content, shifting her focus away from people to process. 

Through the LEMS journey, Kershne became keenly self-aware of what drives her and how to recognize what drives and motivates people around her. It taught her how to be more self-confident, to give herself a voice, to express her opinions, so that she could become the leader she aspired to be. 


“LEMS has been an amazing journey for me and continues to be so”, says Kershne. Why continues? She says the skills and tools she learnt on LEMS is something she uses throughout her journey in life and career. She has gained the confidence to run meetings, to give speeches without staring down at the floor and most of all to believe in herself and know that nothing is impossible. 

LEMS gives you the tools to look at each situation objectively, knowing that you do not need to change yourself to fit into a situation but to be proud of all that you can bring to it. For Kershne, it was a journey of self-awareness, learning who she is and improving her ability to not only lead herself, but others too. In her own words, “LEMS leaves you empowered, feeling like a Wonder Woman!”


Even though Kershne completed the course in 2019, she still experiences the changes in her life daily.  Being a shy person by nature, LEMS has given Kershne such a confidence boost that she gave not one, but two speeches at her wedding and she says, she did it with the minimal amount of tears. She’s pushing herself further than ever before. Kershne is currently busy with her Masters, but she’s not stopping there. In fact, she has already plotted plans for the next few years and that excites her, knowing that anything is possible.

The excitement and energy in Kershne is infectious; she believes that every female should experience their own transformation through a LEMS journey. Kershne says, like herself, she has seen so many successful women out there that lack confidence and self belief and through the LEMS journey you become aware of your true potential and value. It’s an opportunity for growth that should not to be missed.

If you found Kershne’s journey inspiring and would like to read more about the impact of LEMS, click here for Lara Morris’ inspiring LEMS story or add your name to the waitlist for a future LEMS program.


LEMS may have only been a few months long but that the impact it leaves is lifelong. You become so self-aware of every action you take and of those around you. LEMS helps you become a better leader, follower and all-round better person in life.



Find out more about the Leadership Evolution Masterclass Series where you can access strategies and tools to help you to focus on self-care and to remember to remember you.

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About the author:

Usha Maharaj CA(SA) is a Speaker, Facilitator, and Brain-based Coach who thrives on helping young professionals and women shatter glass ceilings and win in all areas of their lives through her own experience in a high-performing corporate workplace. As a past director in a Big 4 audit firm and current non-executive director and female entrepreneur, Usha is your go-to-guide when you are ready to quicken the pace of your career growth and get back into the driver’s seat of your own life. She has been there; she knows the way and she actively shows the way. Usha will help you to step up and into the most confident version of yourself and discover your own success.

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