Take back your power from recognition

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Employee Engagement surveys often highlight a lack of recognition as a significant disengagement factor for employees. Isn't it time we turned this statistic on it's head?

I don't know about you, but allowing my motivation levels to be negatively impacted by whether or not someone else recognises my efforts feels a lot like giving my power away.

It's time to take back your power!

The Emotive Response

Being overcome by feelings of hurt, anger, anxiety or even restlessness due to a lack of recognition is a way to give your power away. We have essentially awakened in our brains an emotive response, a primitive response system embedded in our brains to protect us from pain and hurt. This primitive part of our brain wants to keep us safe and secure, in our comfort zone and it definitely does not want us to be exposed in any negative way. When this part of the brain takes control, it prevents us from thinking and responding rationally to a situation. 

Here's how you can stop the emotive response and step back into your power. 

Three questions you should ask yourself:

  1. How are my beliefs impacting how I am feeling in this moment?
  2. How are my values being impacted?
  3. Are there any personal behavioral drivers that are causing me to feel this way?
Take back your power

We cannot control how others appreciate and recognise our efforts, but we certainly can control our response to the lack of recognition.  Answer the three questions above to identify why the lack of recognition is triggering a negative emotive response from you. Reflect on how you can reduce the emotion you attach to the trigger. And work toward the goal of valuing and believing that self-recognition and self-appreciation is worth the most to you.

By placing significance on self-recognition, you are:

  1. Limiting the number of times your emotive brain takes over
  2. Delivering more of your responses from a rational frame of mind
  3. Reducing stress and anxiety and inviting more freedom and happiness into your life 
Remember, Recognition is a powerful tool to motivate and energise

How simple is it to say thank you, I see you, that was an exceptional piece of work, I appreciate all of your effort…? Totally simple to say, yet an often neglected and overlooked tool to motivate and energise others. Whether or not you are receiving the recognition you deserve from others, make it a point to remember to appreciate, value and recognise those around you.

Reclaiming your power for recognition is a great way to self-motivate and keep yourself moving even when the recognition you desire is not readily forthcoming from others.
Usha Maharaj

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