Maximising a company’s growth potential, and its contribution to society, occurs in an environment where a team of loyal and supportive people with the appropriate energies and skills collaborate to achieve the business’ purpose.

The Contribution Compass by Sirdar is a tool that aims to provide you with focus on how to maximise your own application of skills, expertise and time and how best to play your most valuable role in a team. Furthermore, this tool supports a board, executive committee or team to maximise its collective contribution and therefore maximise financial and non-financial return.

“On a personal level, maturing your understanding and application of natural energy is critical for your development as an individual, to maximise the opportunities available to you and to support the growth of those around you, both personally and professionally. This understanding therefore adds as much value to your family and home environment as it does to the team or business that you are part of.” 

 Have you, your team and your board maximised your collective contribution?