Are you flexible enough to succeed

Are you flexible enough to succeed?

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If there is one thing we’ve learnt through the Covid-19 experience, it is that the future is unpredictable. Being flexible is an important skill to master and will lead you to have less stress and more success in work and in life.

In 2020, we saw the best-laid plans go out the window. Companies had to rely on employees to be more innovative to survive. Those who were able to adapt, succeeded. Flexible employees were the key to finding solutions.

The only thing you can do, is plan for your expected and be flexible in how you deal with the unexpected.

Where did you rank on the flexibility and adaptability scale when your company needed you and more importantly, how can you improve that ranking?

Benefits of being flexible

Being flexible in your mindset, thinking and action is good for you, and these are just a few of the benefits you could experience when you practice being flexible:

  • You are more adaptable to change and less stressed when change happens
  • You can manage the unexpected and think on your feet to find a solution that will work
  • You are a bigger asset at work and will be seen as a prized team member that can be called upon in tough situations
  • You are more likely to spot opportunities rather than being paralysed by the problems in changing situations
  • You will become more positive and feel happier
  • Your health and mental wellbeing will improve 

Follow-through is about discipline and sticking to a plan but it’s also about flexibility to adapt to conditions that are best for the ultimate goal.

Caroline Ceniza-Levine, Forbes

Follow these 5 simple strategies, become more flexible and start to enjoy some of the benefits that will come your way. 

  • Pause: when something unexpected arises, pause and notice your reaction
  • Reflect: Think about how you responded to the situation. Was it negative and unhappy or positive and encouraging?
  • Adjust: If your response was negative, it signals a need to be more flexible. Ask yourself, "how can I be more flexible in this situation?"
  • Clarify: Often, when we don't understand a situation or don't know the next steps, this lack of clarity increases levels of stress. Ask yourself, "what is the current position?",  "what do we need to achieve?" and "what actions can I take to move toward the desired outcome?"
  • Act: the best action you can take is action. Pick and complete one simple task, then the next and keep going from there. 

When you understand that being flexible will help you to achieve more, it becomes easier to: 

  • be adaptable, learn new skills, and share them
  • be open to new ideas and concepts
  • be able to improvise and encourage creative thinking from yourself and your team
  • be able to look at problems from a different perspective
  • maintain focus on the goals, but shift focus on how you’ll reach goals


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