Featured in the Accountancy SA Magazine, Entrepreneur Edition

Boldly stepping away from the conventional CA(SA) path, Usha Maharaj believed that with the right inspiration and direction coupled with creative yet simple strategies, she could help people in the workplace be a lot happier. Because, of course, happy employees are more inclined to be healthier, give back to their communities, and make a positive difference to their environment – all the while creating sound financial returns for their employers.

When asked how she overcame challenges as an entrepreneur, she says it’s her eternal optimism that has been key to her success. It empowered her to leave a powerful position in a prestigious company to overcome any challenge that comes her way and drives her to chase her dreams with the absolute faith that she can achieve them.

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In her corporate climb to Executive Director, Usha has gone through all the major and minor challenges that any professional can experience in a high-performing, diverse and rigorous workplace. She’s using her wealth of experience and expertise to inspire and instruct her clients to reject average and strive for excellence.

She does this because she believes the world needs more happy people. Through her mentoring she helps her clients to address their most burning career challenges, and to shift into a space of exceptional performance and success. People in a space of performance and success are far happier than their average counterparts. Not only is this perfect for her clients, it is great for their employers and for their communities too:

  • High-performing employees give back to the organisation by generating sound financial returns;
  • They experience lower levels of stress, are happier and healthier;
  • Happy people are more inclined to give back to their communities and to make a positive difference to their environment


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Driving excellence is what Chartered Accountant (SA),  certified brain-based coach, life-long learner and corporate veteran with 16 years+ field experience in a global ‘Big 4’ Audit firm, Usha Maharaj is obsessed with. Her motto “Reject Average. Strive for Excellence” is brought to life in all of her coaching, mentoring and facilitation programs.

Usha works with individuals and groups who are striving for excellence personally, professionally, within their teams or in business. 

Corporate experience * 16 years
Life-long learner, studied global leading personal excellence programs
Tried and tested frameworks and models
Worked with entrepreneurs * 16 years + hands-on experience + adopted leading entrepreneurial strategies