Part 1: STEP INTO YOUR POWER AND UNLEASH YOUR SUCCESS – Live YOUR values and not society’s

We live in a “more of everything” world where we perceive that to be a lot we have to do a lot, learn a lot, read a lot, travel a lot, own a lot, earn a lot, spend a lot, hoard a lot, entertain a lot, and once we’re done we have to step up into the next level of more. At this point we start searching, because we’ve achieved a lot, we own a lot, earn a lot, spend a lot, work a lot, travel a lot, we are a lot…right? But why do we feel this little?

We feel this way because we live in a society where we’re chasing bigger, better, faster, stronger; a society where only more-than-the-guy-next-door is more! Where we look at the world through our want-more-glasses but can’t see what really matters. Most of us have more than we could ever need and yet live our lives in a false state of deprivation. We value the meaningless things that we accumulate more than we value the things in life that should mean the most.

We attach labels of Success and status based on the glamour of the home, vehicle, clothes, gadgets and gizmos. We believe that our personal success and status is dependent upon these things, and so work harder and longer for the fancy house and manicured garden that we never get to enjoy. We’re stuck in a vortex and a state of disillusionment for we’ve acquired the things that, society tells us, should make us happy but we’re feeling more stressed and depleted than ever before.

And when you look at your life, you see the glamorous things you’ve acquired, the fancy home, fancy car, heaps of clothes, and the latest gadgets and gizmos – yet there is still little or no happiness or fulfilment. And, since you’ve had to worker longer and harder to acquire these things, it lends itself to the conclusion that the cause of your state of un-happiness must be your work. Sadly, if this is your conclusion and this is how you arrived at it, you couldn’t be more wrong.

The problem is not the work you’re doing, the problem is you’ve lost the connection between the work you’re doing and the things in life that you value the most. And when you truly understand yourself, you will know that the things in life that you value the most are never the things that society values the most. By living your life to society’s norms, you’ve lost yourself in the never-ending-chase, and forgotten who you are in the process.

You are the grand-master of your life and have the power to live the life that you are destined for. In order to live this life, however, your first step is to truly know and understand yourself. It is time to peel away all of the layers imposed upon you by society, peel away the values that society has made so appealing, and return to your bare and true self. From this space, you will be able to identify the things you truly value. Often things like family, friends, teaching, learning, travel, helping society, wellbeing, fitness, financial security, etc would feature in a set of values.

Your list of values should be short, preferably 3 major values add if you’re a detail-driven person, then you could have 3 sub-values under each major value or perhaps 3 minor values. These values should drive everything you do and every decision you make in life.

The next time you’re faced with a buy decision on the latest gadget – ask yourself whether this purchase is aligned to your top 3 values, and if it is not directly aligned, then say no. When you make this decision in alignment to your values, you have stepped into your Power and are no longer being controlled by society but being guided by your values.

From this place of power, when you decide to work longer and harder, you will do it only if it is directly connected to your values, and if it is you will enjoy the additional responsibilities and deliverables but if it is not you will feel stressed, ill or frustrated.

The bottom line is if you live your values you will be taking a STEP INTO YOUR PERSONAL POWER and phenomenal success from a place of personal power is inevitable!

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