Not All Heroes Wear Capes: The Story Of A Professional Crime Fighter

December will soon be upon us, and the Silly Season as we know it will envelope the entire country. Rational people become irrational, the sad get sadder, the happy get happier and the overworked draw the line.

When you’re stressed, tired, burnt out and desperately in need of a big change in your life; drawing the line could easily come in the form of trading in your conventional employee work-boots for those of an entrepreneur.  The sad reality is that because you’re so tired, stressed and in need of a break, when you make this decision, it may be for all of the wrong reasons or without the necessary preparation to set you up for success.

This post is not about stopping you from making the decision, nor is it about guaranteeing any results, positive or negative should you make the decision. It is about raising a few red flags to help you consider whether your decision is a rash decision or whether it is a well thought through decision that will position you for success.

Let’s get the decision out of the way by referring to the following posts. Read them and honestly reflect before going any further:

Once you’ve read these posts, and you’re still ready to take the biggest and boldest leap of your life, then I have a story to share which will, I hope, inspire you into taking the necessary steps to prepare yourself for future entrepreneurial success.

Behind every happily-ever-after story is a hero; and the hero of this story is forensics specialist, Advocate Santhos Manilall who spends his days fighting crime in a tailored business suit (minus the cape) at his clients’ premises  or in courtrooms around the country.

Advocate Manilall practiced in the legal field, went on to hold high profiled positions in 2 major global advisory firms before finally taking his leap of faith to setup Santhos Manilall Forensics. Santhos shares his advice and secrets of success in the hope that budding entrepreneurs can take away relevant lessons to position themselves for entrepreneurial success.

Secrets to Success from a Professional Crime Fighter:

  1. Personal Brand – if you haven’t already started working on this, then the time to build your personal brand is now. Ask yourself this question “ What do clients expect when they hear my name?”. For Santhos, Quality and Value are 2 of his strategic brand propositions. In his entire professional career and as an entrepreneur today, his name is synonymous with quality and value. He firmly believes that by establishing his personal brand based on these key facets, his clients are always confident of the promise of quality and value when working with him.
  2. Hard work is a given – but it doesn’t feel like work at all. When you’re consumed by a burning desire to win, you find a way to do everything that needs to be done, and you enjoy doing it.
  3. Have a game plan – you can’t expect to succeed if you don’t have a game plan. You have to know exactly what you want and exactly what you need to do in order to get it. Embarking on any journey without a clear map will inevitably mean you’ll get lost along the way. And when getting lost is not an option for you, you need to have a solid game plan to work with.
  4. Active learning and development – learn from everything and everyone and stay ahead in the game. In order for you and your business to remain relevant and competitive, you need to adopt a keen interest in learning and development.
  5. Passion – Success without passion is rare and far between. You have to fall in love with what you’re doing; you have to work from a space of burning passion. Santhos did not qualify as an Advocate because it seemed like a lucrative career path. He qualified as an Advocate because of his relentless passion to fight crime. This is what keeps him in the game and allows him to play the game at a level of excellence.
  6. Creativity – If you think that the extent of your creativity is that of creating your business idea, then it’s time to think again. Creativity is one of the key indicators of success. As an entrepreneur you are constantly faced with challenges. The effectiveness of your solutions will come down to how creatively you can think about them.
  7. Believe in yourself – when you start on your entrepreneurial journey, you do so believing that your idea is better than anyone else’s and that you will succeed. No matter what comes your way, you need to hold onto the belief that you will find a way to break through to the next level. If you don’t have an unshakeable level of self-belief, then you need to develop it real quick.

Rest assured that there will be many obstacles along your journey and there will be challenges which in the moment will seem insurmountable, but if you stay focused and positive, that’s half your battle won.

And when this is the character you work with, people will see it and they will feel it, and ultimately the people you need to connect with will be drawn and magnetised to you.

You’re in the process of writing your very own story, just make sure you think and plan your chapters in the greatest of detail before embarking on the journey. This will give you greater control over how your story unfolds.

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About the Author:

Chartered Accountant (SA), certified brain-based coach, life-long learner and corporate veteran with 16 years+ field experience in a global ‘Big 4’ Audit firm, Usha Maharaj, is a woman on a mission to bring more happiness into your life through her moto “Reject Average. Strive for Excellence.” Usha uses her wealth of knowledge to help you take on any professional challenge.

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